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Hello friends,

We, the Nature beings, have been speaking to you for aeons but our words never do reach your ears. Now we are glad that Voices of Nature has given us this platform to communicate with you. We have so much to talk about and so much to share. You are wondering whether this is fact or fiction; it does not really matter. All that we can say is, listen with an open mind, and leave it to your heart to decide.

Read with an open mind, not a prejudiced one. Read with the innocence of a child, and not with the arrogance of worldly intelligence. Read with patience to understand the in-depth of our messages and not superficially, with scorn and criticism. Come, and be one with us in thought and feeling as you read.

We have secrets to reveal and mysteries to unveil. We hold the key to eternal youth and beauty. We are the living proof of this eternal health and beauty for we live for hundreds of years in full health and abundance. We have a lot to teach you about living in accordance with the Principles of Nature.
We are on Earth to do God's Bidding, serving mankind and our beloved planet out of eternal love for our Mighty Creator, despite the suffering that we are subjected to by the callous hand of man. We share this space on Earth to co-exist with you as we are inter-dependent for our (yours and ours) sustenance.

We hope our messages reach your ears, and that you resolve to live with greater responsibility. The Earth is our home - yours and ours. Let us then, get together and make it more favourable for a wholesome existence of health and abundance for as long as we live.

Good Luck!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Our Heartfelt Plea to Mankind

Following the disasters on Earth, either natural or manmade, we stand strong to lend support to all sentient beings. However this does not mean that we are unmoved by the terror of the catastrophes that take place around us. Like you, we also shudder and live in trepidation during the rough times. It is very painful to see the members of our tree-family being struck down by strong winds and storm, and it is even more agonising when we become targets of your hacksaws and axes, which you bring down upon us so heartlessly. We have nowhere to run and hide from such oppression and terrorism to which you subject us. The Earth is our home. We have anchored our roots deep into Her bosom, and this is where we live and grow; this is our home. We plead with you to leave us alone to live and grow, and to be of great servitude to you.

We do not like to be uprooted from our hearth and home just as you would not like your homes to be vandalised. What would it be like if you had to live in constant fear of being thrown out of your house by people who are more powerful than you? This is what we are going through each day of our lives. With the growing technology and infrastructure, the fear for our lives is constantly rising. We have no option but to bravely accept our fate, and lay down our lives so that you may advance in your infrastructure and convert a natural habitat into a concrete jungle that deprives all sentient beings of the trees and the sky, to enjoy living free and happy in vast open spaces in sunshine and greenery.

Man, you are polluting the very air that you breathe. Your concrete jungles are becoming a death-trap for you. Without trees and open spaces, you are surrounded in a sea of toxic elements, poisonous gases and harmful radiations. Is this your idea of advanced infrastructure? At what price are you doing this? You have looted and plundered the rich resources of Nature, and used it to wreak havoc in the world. You are ever taking from Nature but hardly giving Her back that, which is healthful for Her. Your greed is going to catch up with you ultimately, and for which you will sorely repent.

We trees and plants are created to maintain the purity and balance of the Earth's ecosystem. And we do this in perfect obedience to the cosmic Laws. Yet, Nature is looked upon as an obstacle in the way of your ultra sophisticated lifestyle of hi-fi technology. Your need for shopping malls and entertainment complexes, offices and residential buildings are far more important than living and breathing in the clean, pure air. Your need for material possessions is far more crucial - a do-or-die situation - than co-existing with Nature and enjoying a healthful, disease-free life.You have polluted the lakes, rivers and oceans as well as the soil on which you thrive. Soon, there will come a day when you will find you have no clean water to drink or pure food to eat, because everything will be contaminated with harsh chemicals and toxins that would be fatal for your health. Then, while you languish with hunger and thirst, you will realize that the technology which you so lauded will have failed you as it closes upon you like a death-trap - a result of the abuse of technology and your disobedience towards Nature.

Your greed for power and money has broken ties with us. You now stand separated from your brothers and sisters who live and exist in a physical form quite different from yours. Your arrogance has been your downfall as disease and sickness ravage your body, reducing it to deterioration and death. We, on the other hand, go on to live for hundreds or even thousands of years in our pristine state. The secret is that we live in accordance to the Laws of Nature, in perfect harmony with all life. You too could thrive in peace and prosperity if you only learnt to co-exist with Nature and all mankind, and doing that, which is for the highest good for all.
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