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Hello friends,

We, the Nature beings, have been speaking to you for aeons but our words never do reach your ears. Now we are glad that Voices of Nature has given us this platform to communicate with you. We have so much to talk about and so much to share. You are wondering whether this is fact or fiction; it does not really matter. All that we can say is, listen with an open mind, and leave it to your heart to decide.

Read with an open mind, not a prejudiced one. Read with the innocence of a child, and not with the arrogance of worldly intelligence. Read with patience to understand the in-depth of our messages and not superficially, with scorn and criticism. Come, and be one with us in thought and feeling as you read.

We have secrets to reveal and mysteries to unveil. We hold the key to eternal youth and beauty. We are the living proof of this eternal health and beauty for we live for hundreds of years in full health and abundance. We have a lot to teach you about living in accordance with the Principles of Nature.
We are on Earth to do God's Bidding, serving mankind and our beloved planet out of eternal love for our Mighty Creator, despite the suffering that we are subjected to by the callous hand of man. We share this space on Earth to co-exist with you as we are inter-dependent for our (yours and ours) sustenance.

We hope our messages reach your ears, and that you resolve to live with greater responsibility. The Earth is our home - yours and ours. Let us then, get together and make it more favourable for a wholesome existence of health and abundance for as long as we live.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

We Are One Big Family

The Earth is our place of habitat as much as it is yours. We have an equal right to live and grow. Both man and Nature are sent here on the planet to experience life for the sake of our spiritual evolution. Like you, we also have a divine purpose to fulfil. We remember our divine Plan, and live each day to fulfil it, whereas you have forgotten your divine mission as the forces of materialism took over control of your heart and mind. It is God’s divine Plan that co-exist with mankind to make this planet a veritable heaven. But this, you do not see because the dark forces have blinded you; they have crippled your mind and numbed your senses so that you are unable to see and reason clearly on your own. The dark forces have thus gained dominion over you, and are carrying out their evil designs through the minds of men to bring about death and destruction in the world.

How drab and monotonous would this world be without us to lend colour and form to the landscape. We, trees and other forms of Nature animate this planet with our pure energy. Then, when you are a-weary of life’s stress and strain, you come to seek solace in the haven of our natural habitat; to cool your brow and rest your soul, to be far away from the bustling world. And we welcome you as our dear friends. We soothe your brow, and replenish your tired bodies with our powerful energies, and whisper soft, soothing words through the rustle of the leaves as the gentle breeze blows. And you are healed, rejuvenated and at peace within. We are here on Earth to ease your pain and bring comfort to your spirit. Thus, look not upon us as deaf and dumb objects of embellishment on the planet with no feelings or sentiments. We are here for an important mission, a mission that is meant to be achieved in collaboration with man. We are ever trying to reach out to you but you are deaf and insensitive to our insistent calls. 

We like to live and thrive in the fullness of God’s power and glory as one big community in absolute peace and harmony. We do not resist the changes that the cycles of time bring with them. One season after another we move along gracefully, always abiding by the mighty Law of Nature. And thus we live long healthful lives for a great many years. Man has a lot to learn from Nature. He is no exception to Nature’s Laws for he is very much a part of Nature, and not a separate being as he is prone to think. Like the trees, man too can extend his life-span to lead a robust life, untouched by disease and death. This is possible if he only lived in obedience to the Universal Principles, and flowed gracefully with the River of Life. He would thus save himself from the wear and tear of the stress and strain of life. If only he turned to Nature for all his needs and requirements of his daily life, and stopped killing to eat, he would be enjoying vibrant health at all levels of his being.

Man! Do not forget your roots. You are as much a part of us as we are to you and to all of cosmos. You cannot survive without us. You are not superior to Nature’s sentient beings. We are all one – only in different physical forms. This should not make you superior to other life-streams. Our wisdom is far more profound than you could ever imagine. How foolish to think that you are the most intelligent and unique race in the Universe. Dear Man, there are far more advanced and intelligent beings than you, with far greater technology than you could ever understand. All your inventions on Earth are given to you from the higher Beings, and yet these are still considered primitive and clumsy according to their standards. So Man, be humble. There is not an ounce of wisdom in you by the way you live. Death, bloodshed, destruction, anger, revenge, greed and lust are the energies that consume you. You have given away your power to your fears, and have chosen to live as mere mortals in servitude to the dark energies. We on the other hand, are ruled by our ancient wisdom and unconditional Love for all. This accounts for our eternal vibrancy, which lends you peace and serenity as you walk past us. Isn’t this why you choose to be amongst us when you want to take a break from your humdrum lifestyles, and to be at peace with yourself? Isn’t it true that our energy replenishes you, and you are recharged to face life with more gusto?

Our energy is one with the Mother. She gives us all that we need to grow and thrive in this world. We ask nothing of you; we are not a burden to you. All that we ask of you is to let us have our own space to live in peace. We abhor your ways of living that urge you to fell trees rampantly. We are of servitude to you. We help to purify the air you breathe. We yield fruit and provide shade and shelter from the sweltering sun; we add beauty to your landscape; we are a home to millions of birds and little woodland animals. We are not dumb, but we speak to you and sing to you; we are ever in communication with the brothers and sisters of our community. We may appear passive to you, but for your information, we are ever a-buzz with activity, unknown to you. We are brimming with the life-force that courses through us with greater influx than it does through your bodies. Therefore, welcome us into your life. Find some time in your busy schedule to be with us in quiet meditation. Accept us as your extended family because in reality we are one big family by the cosmic Law of Oneness.    

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