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Hello friends,

We, the Nature beings, have been speaking to you for aeons but our words never do reach your ears. Now we are glad that Voices of Nature has given us this platform to communicate with you. We have so much to talk about and so much to share. You are wondering whether this is fact or fiction; it does not really matter. All that we can say is, listen with an open mind, and leave it to your heart to decide.

Read with an open mind, not a prejudiced one. Read with the innocence of a child, and not with the arrogance of worldly intelligence. Read with patience to understand the in-depth of our messages and not superficially, with scorn and criticism. Come, and be one with us in thought and feeling as you read.

We have secrets to reveal and mysteries to unveil. We hold the key to eternal youth and beauty. We are the living proof of this eternal health and beauty for we live for hundreds of years in full health and abundance. We have a lot to teach you about living in accordance with the Principles of Nature.
We are on Earth to do God's Bidding, serving mankind and our beloved planet out of eternal love for our Mighty Creator, despite the suffering that we are subjected to by the callous hand of man. We share this space on Earth to co-exist with you as we are inter-dependent for our (yours and ours) sustenance.

We hope our messages reach your ears, and that you resolve to live with greater responsibility. The Earth is our home - yours and ours. Let us then, get together and make it more favourable for a wholesome existence of health and abundance for as long as we live.

Good Luck!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

We Share a Strong Rapport With You

Greetings to our beloved friend and sister!

Our ties with you are ancient but strong. When you gaze at us in meditation you are reminded of the age old days when we all lived so happily in harmony. You felt this strong connection more so in your childhood days when you played in the park or sat at our feet under the shade of our boughs. And you felt that primitive feeling of security and peace, which comes only when you are familiar with someone you love, just as a child who feels safe by the mother’s side.

Our rapport with man is true and strong and no matter how entangled you may be in your world of materialism yet, in the solitude of peace and calm, you are drawn towards the Mother’s Love and yearn to be in Her arms, to be away from the daily grind and to live free in the midst of Nature with the wind in your face and grass beneath your feet. And we welcome you with great delight, and shower you with gifts that enrich your soul and heal your mind. We absorb all your stress and strain while refreshing you with our empowering energy.

Alas, these moments are short and terse. We would love to have you with us for a while longer; but then it is asking for too much because you people are so wrapped up with your worldly lives that demand all of your attention, space and time. You place greater importance on trivial things of superficial matter that you are tied to with invisible strings. There is no balance in your lifestyle. You are led by your obsessions and passions to the point of total mental and emotional exhaustion. There is neither joy nor contentment in leading such frenetic lifestyles. It is pure madness. You need to strike a balance between materialism and spiritualism in your life for inner peace.

We can help you to make the shift from darkness to the Light, if only you would allow us to make that connection with your heart and mind. And spend a few moments of your time in quiet meditation at the end of each day so that we may clear your mind, wracked with the travails of the day. And like a clucking mother hen that fusses over her brood out of tender love, we will soothe your niggling worries away so you may sail through your ordeals placidly, unperturbed by its monstrosity, and at the end of the day, slumber in peace, the night away.

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