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Hello friends,

We, the Nature beings, have been speaking to you for aeons but our words never do reach your ears. Now we are glad that Voices of Nature has given us this platform to communicate with you. We have so much to talk about and so much to share. You are wondering whether this is fact or fiction; it does not really matter. All that we can say is, listen with an open mind, and leave it to your heart to decide.

Read with an open mind, not a prejudiced one. Read with the innocence of a child, and not with the arrogance of worldly intelligence. Read with patience to understand the in-depth of our messages and not superficially, with scorn and criticism. Come, and be one with us in thought and feeling as you read.

We have secrets to reveal and mysteries to unveil. We hold the key to eternal youth and beauty. We are the living proof of this eternal health and beauty for we live for hundreds of years in full health and abundance. We have a lot to teach you about living in accordance with the Principles of Nature.
We are on Earth to do God's Bidding, serving mankind and our beloved planet out of eternal love for our Mighty Creator, despite the suffering that we are subjected to by the callous hand of man. We share this space on Earth to co-exist with you as we are inter-dependent for our (yours and ours) sustenance.

We hope our messages reach your ears, and that you resolve to live with greater responsibility. The Earth is our home - yours and ours. Let us then, get together and make it more favourable for a wholesome existence of health and abundance for as long as we live.

Good Luck!

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Your Divine Connection With Nature

There is a greater sense of well-being and achievement when you invest your time tending to the needs of Nature. You may ask how this is possible. The answer is quite simple. You need not be qualified for this job,  or need to have any technical knowledge and skills. What you do need is a heartful of love and compassion for Nature, and the rest is easy. 

Gardening and growing pretty flowers and plants is one such hobby that eases all tensions in your life. Just to watch them bloom and flourish under your tender care is gratification in itself. The Love that you invest is Nature is always reciprocated; it is never wasted. Nature knows how to give as it takes, unlike man who takes more than he can give. Man chooses conveniently to ignore the fact that he co-exists with Nature, and that he depends upon Nature for his survival. 

Working with Nature is not a wasted effort. There is a greater joy in co-creating with Nature. It is very spiritualistic, and keeps you in tune with the higher cosmic energies. However, your work with Nature is not just limited at the physical level. Your thoughts play a major role as well in tending to Nature's well-being. Send out positive thoughts of love and peace to the trees and plants whenever you happen to pass by them. It does not matter by what mode you travel - whether on foot, by car or any other vehicle. 

Distance is no barrier to thoughts. Nature can read your thoughts loud and clear. Therefore, send out thoughts of appreciation, love and gratitude to all Nature. Happy thoughts help Nature to flourish with greater abundance. That is why it is a common practice to talk to plants and flowers. Treat them with love and see how they will respond to you. Intend God's Light of love, healing and protection around them. No materialistic object, no matter how priceless by worldly standards, can compare to the beauty that Nature radiates in all its purity and innocence. It is the beauty that touches your soul and gives you a sense of deep inner peace.

Your bond with Nature is eternal, and only you can strengthen it by giving a part of yourself to Her. While materialistic wealth is the source of all your worries and tensions, Nature's wealth is the Source of health and rejuvenation, peace and happiness. Nature is your Mother, and one can never tire of Mother's divine Love. 
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